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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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police, someone ran into my backyard. what are they doing? and they told me they were looking for him. >> police sent in their account to close in on the suspect, that is when the man stabbed the dog in the face with what is believed to be shears. they opened fire on the man. the suspect who died was a white man in his 20s, he's not a resident of concord, the two officers are also veterans of the force. >> those officers are put on paid leave and are being interviewed by the da office. >> i'm told that each officer has 10-15 years of experience and we got an update on the 9, we're told that dog is expected to be okay. >> back to the original incident, the suspect walked into someone's home and stabbed
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the person inside. do we know if there was a relationship between the suspect and the person who he stabbed? >> i asked police officers about that, and they're not releasing information. they're trying to figure out if this was a random stabbing. no details yet. you'll find the latest on and posting updates on twitter and facebook and our mobile app. new research finds some california police departments failed to report deaths involving their officers as required by law. california and texas are the only states in the u.s. required to record all deaths in custody including jail deaths as well as shootings and other causes. the study from texas state found california police departments didn't report 440
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such cases from 2005-2015. some argue police departments are spread thin. >> in all of this, not losing sight of the fact we have to rebuild our police departments. >> the authors of the study don't appear to be deliberate. attorney general is responsible for collecting the report. a homicide inside the jail in dublin. authorities said a 56-year-old was found dead in his cell just before 9 a.m. the 73-year-old suspect was the cellmate. he was booked into jail on battery last week. investigators said the suspect didn't have a weapon, and used his bare hands to kill the victim. >> we have surveillance through the jail, but there are not cameras within cells. and that has a lot to do with
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privacy. our deputies have a body-cam but they didn't capture the incident. >> both men were being held in a unit for prisoners with mental illness. >> the killing of a homeless person in a parking lot. jesse gary is reporting and this is the 9th killing of a homeless person this year. >> police found the most recent homicide victim in this parking lot. >> to see something like this, so close to home, heavy on the heart. >> they said the victim has trauma marks and was bleeding but not known who killed him or why. >> there was no other surveillance video available or
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witnesses to what occurred. >> of the 38 homicides, 9 victims have been homeless and only one of the cases has been closed. >> there doesn't seem to be a connection except the homelessness. >> if we're going to have these massive populations of folks and don't have the other safety providing aspects, they're going to be vulnerable to all of these things. >> the housing units for the city of san jose that addresses this, won't be built until 3-5 years. >> to bridge the gap, they penned a bill that could add tiny homes. it removes the red tape and allows them to construct
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communities of tiny homes. >> there will be mental health services and counseling and other services. >> until construction, the immediate priority for police is protecting those on the streets and finding the suspects in yet another homicide. >> the community that we serve around here, this is going to raise up chatter. >> police said they'll release the identity of the victim who died here on wednesday. as for those tiny homes, i talked to the manufacturer, if there's a contract, he'll produce 10 of these base units every month. >> jesse gary, fox 2news. police in vallejo investigate a shooting that left two college students wounded at 1:00 p.m. near a 7-11 at tennessee street. a few minutes ago, we heard from police, they said the two
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college students had gone there on a break and were talking and laughing, the suspect thought they were laughing at him and he got out and shot them. the victims will survive. no word of an arrest. new information, samsung announced they're discontinuing production of the galaxy note 7 after reports of the smartphone catching fire and then the same thing with the replacement product. we're joined in the newsroom with the latest. >> this is just the latest and biggest blow for them in a move that could cost them billions. >> samsung is pulling the plug, the electronics giant is discontinuing production of the galaxy note 7. they stopped selling the devices around the
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world. >> it harms their business and they'll lose the share to other vendors. >> after reports of smoking and exploding batteries. new phones which was available, but those phones caught fire as well. >> this is very damaging for samsung. and the fact they messed up on the recall, it makes things worse. >> trouble with the more than $800 phone hit the company hard. shares closed down 8% in south korea and the biggest one day drop in 8 years. to add insult to injury. shares at apple soared. >> i'll get an iphone. >> my safety is first. as much as i love samsung, safety is first. >> they're urging any customers with a galaxy note 7 to stop
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using the device. >> in the newsroom, ken wayne, fox 2news. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments against samsung and apple. a jury agreed and ruled samsung infringed on three patents. apple was awarded a billion dollars. now the supreme court is taking up the patent case. in addition, the court is also expected to define the value of design work. next, more tension between donald trump and members of his own party. the latest in this race for the white house and some republicans hold support for the gop nominee. >> you have people that can't fix the budget but talk about their nominee.
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it's sad, we don't have stronger leadership. tracking the forecast. umbrellas are coming out. are coming out. lgbt center targeted by burglars.
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police investigate a possible hate crime in concord
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at an lgbt center. they're located near mount diablo in downtown concord. they've been in operation since 1992. and it's been burglarized foyer times but the last one was different, the thieves left homophobic messages on the walls. >> and they left disturbing messages that they put up on the wall. we're investigating it as a hate crime. we're working on checking surveillance from the areas and sent our cs i-team out there for fingerprints. >> the last break in was on this night of october 4 or 5. they're doing extra patrols and
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police said no arrested have been made. they're asking anyone with information to call concord police. a man and woman robbed at gunpoint and carjacked at the macarthur bart station. it happened 10 minutes before midnight in the parking structure on 40th. they were walking to their car when a man with a gun confronted them. he drove off with a woman that suddenly appeared. it's a bmw and the victims weren't hurt but the robbers took the car and iphones and other items. and now the new state-of- the-art air traffic control tower from sfo. the final product and what it
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can do. >> shaped like the torches that guided sailing ships, sfo's new traffic control tower is going to be in operation on saturday. in a striking departure, they shared the $126 million price of building it to cut cost and red tape. >> they designed the tower and oversaw the construction work and ensured it was built to specification. >> it's a tower of strength and reliability. >> designed to withstand an 8.0 earthquake. >> only 50 feet taller than the old tower, it's more than tall enough. much better view of the runways
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for aircraft. >> now despite this, one thing is going to happen, the old system decades old, using paper strips from one controller to another will remain in effect until they're sure, absolutely sure the electronics are sufficient. >> we're at the beginning of a program including renovations and a hotel on airport and so many other conveniences and amenities. >> it's a 5% of our gpd depends on avvation. it's a huge contributor. >> it goes live saturday and was built to last for
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generations despite whatever mother nature throws at it. fire crews expect to have a wildfire contained in napa by tomorrow. it burned 60-acres in the hills west of the area. they listed evacuation for a handful of home. fire crews cleaned things up and put out hotspots. fire season isn't over even though rain is in the forecast. >> here in the united states, the death toll from hurricane matthew has reached 30. although the storm is gone, the problems are far from over. 1-million customers are without power. rescuers work without rest to help people stranded by the rising water. >> hurricane matthew was not
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supposed to hit here but in north carolina, water rescues continue, they're ferried out three or four at a time holding pets and plastic bags. some had no idea help was on the way. >> we got nothing. no water. >> 15 have been killed in north carolina alone. it raised rivers to record levels. almost all of the dead are in cars and trapped. >> more panicked neighbors evacuated after a dam leaked and threated to collapse. the governor had sharp words for those who refused to leave. >> get out, get out now. now we're hearing there are 50-
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60 people refusing, that's unacceptable. you're putting your life in jeopardy and our emergency rescue at jeopardy. >> the threat is passed in florida and georgia and south carolina and cleanup is underway. >> the sun is shining and that's a blessing and we're excited to see we have several days of sunshine. that's going to help us tremendously. as we continue recovery. >> . >> residents were finally allowed to return in hilton head. and much of the coastline in st. augustine, florida is begun. >> the waters will keep rising through friday in north carolina. >> the death toll is 17 and in city of 22,000, there's no gasoline for sale and no electricity and no running water, officials are warning they fear their could be unrest
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without r relief. we're tracking the weather for tonight, out at the ballpark, good news for the baseball diamond. for us, clouds increasing, weather system, one, two and a bunch lined up. most of the energy is going north but feeding into that tropical activity. and over the course of the next 72 hours it's coming into our direction. it's going to get wet, up towards fort bragg, right there, you're getting rain, and russian river and then south of there, the amounts vary. like a firehose that's more
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pointed towards north bay. it's early in the season. there's the wind, 20 miles per hour wind in fairfield, and they're blowing at 12 miles per hour at sfo and overnight, lows are like last night and daytime highs are like today. yellows and those are your 70s and greens 60s. the rain is coming, that's next. new developments in a deadly shooting of two southern california police officers. what officials said about how those officers died and the man accused of killing them. 49ers make a switch, kaepernick is starting. why the team decided to make the move now, that's later in sports. the message today from protesters about a yearly event here in the bay area.
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are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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learning new details about this man, accused of killing two police officers from palm springs, 26-year-old john felix used a high-powered rifle and they were standing on the other side of a metal screen door when killed. felix is a felony who spent a year and a half in state prison after being convicted of
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assault with a deadly weapon. they're trying to figure out how he obtained the assault rifle. >> he was two months away from retiring and she leaves behind a 3-month-old baby. protesters gathered outside of the supervisor office to call for an end of the urban shield event. they want the supervisors to divert funding, they say it amounts to war games. critics say the funding should go for disaster response. >> military training further harms the communities, we need
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adequate responses to help environmental disasters and they don't train or equip responders with the right skills. >> county supervisors are expected to make funding decisions this week. the stop urban shield coalition is compriseds of faith based groups and others. they're going to release their assessment sparked by the killing of mario woods. five officers shot him 20 times. they said it was self-defense but cell phone video raised doubts. >> ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next. >> your vote counts.
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a lot. >> you can consider me as an exhibit a of that. >> up next, the latest in the race for the white house. and donald trump's message. rump's message. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ plus, controversy during the performance here in northern california. >> and an act of compassion from a bay area police officer. fox 2news is next.
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top stories, including a deadly police shooting in concord. the suspect stabbed another man, and it was near a bart station. they found the suspect in the backyard of a home. police said the man attacked a 9 and police opened fire. he was in his 20s and known to police. >> the sheriff said an inmate in dublin killed his cellmate with his bare hands. we know the victim was 56-year- old and the suspect is 73, no
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names have been released. they were held in a unit for prisoners with mental illness. samsung said it's permanently pulling the plug on the smartphone note 7. the company stopped sales of the phones yesterday. samsung urging anyone to power it down to stop using it and return it for a full refun. >> refund. >> donald trump lashed out once again at gop party leaders who are distancing themselves from him. >> more than a quarter of republican governors are refusing to endorse him. to endorse him.


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